Headaches & Sleepless Nights

But let June be June, eh?

I’m trying to hang on.

Or maybe not.

It’s a lot of emotions

in very little time.

Sometimes I feel very at peace,

but then other times

the opposite.

“Just get out of your head”

I know, I know.

I reminisce on the days

when the distant chimes of an icecream truck

ignited so much excitement in me.

30 grams of sugar in the shape

of a superhero –

so simple

yet so magical.

It’s mostly the nights

which are hard.

I don’t think I’m processing my emotions very well.

I don’t know how to express them.

I always wanted to think

that I was “emotionally intelligent”

but… here we are.

I let go of a huge part of my life

not so long ago.

Was it the right decision?


Then why am I not okay?

*to be continued*

why your light will never dim

You are here for a reason. You know that.

But I’m here to remind you.

If you’re looking for meaning – it’s there.

If you’re looking for hope – it’s there.

By there, I mean here.

Look in the mirror.

Stare longer than you usually would.

And you will see a glimmer,

either in your eyes or around your body.

That light?

It’s you.

That magic?

It’s you.

Don’t let your ego dismiss that.

There is hope because of you, and your talents.

You bring light to everyone around you.

If you perceive your light to dim,

look again in the mirror.

Searching For Hope?

you, behind the screen

with your brown/blue/hazel eyes reading these words,

i’m here with you.

we are together,

looking for this thing called hope.

if only we could catch it

with our hands…

it’s like a butterfly,

fluttering in the air with such grace and poise.

that butterfly…

is you.

the search for hope

is based on confusion.

we’ve been separating ourselves from the butterfly.

logically- we have to be different specimens, right?


there comes the confusion.

we are the butterfly, and the observer.

we are the hope.

you are a source of hope.

the fact that you exist is hope.

from now on,

may you see that butterfly

every time you look in the mirror.


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I Want To Add Value

I want to help people, and spread my light.

But I’m not sure what people want right now, or more so- what they need.

What is humanity looking for?

What will help us the most?

Is it wisdom?

Is it more time on technology? Less time?

This subject has been on my mind everyday for the last 2 years.

Maybe this is the message that needs sharing.

Maybe you think about this a lot too.

Maybe I’m looking for someone who wonders these same things.

I created a poll and I’d love to hear your response! See below.

For The First Time In 100 Years

humanity needs subjectivity over objectivity.

perspectives instead of statistics.

spiritual insight instead of logic.

ancient wisdom instead of critical thinking.

stories instead of data.

or – are these the same?

do they go hand-in-hand?

are facts and opinions more closely related than we thought?

do we need them equally?

maybe we need neither.

maybe we need to stop thinking we need neither.

there’s insight within insight.

the illogical is becoming logical.

we have no other choice,

but to go within.

we’ve been living “without”

for too long.

it’s time-

time to return to source.

source consciousness.

source energy.

source everything.

we need a new source.

A Few Words About Magic

What can I write to convince you that life is magical?

What descriptive words can I use?

You tell me.

We all have our own definitions for “magic”.

I’d love to know yours.

My magical world involves:


a shining moon,

iridescent purple flowers,

and a sense of mystery.

What does your magical world look like?

“What’s the point?” you might ask.

Well, maybe you can infuse your magical world into reality-

start finding traces of magic in your days, and nights.

Life is magical.

No one needs convincing, just reminding.

When we came into this world, life was FULL of magic & beauty.

Then as we got older, we were told to be “realistic” (AKA pessimistic).

We were told to “stop dreaming” and just worry about paying the bills.

But dreaming…

is how humanity got here.

It’s how we made technology, and cars, and skyscrapers.

Remember that.


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A Clear Picture Of The World


There is large desire to see the world as it truly is.

But there is often confusion – and that confusion is the source of human suffering.


What is the world actually like?

a place full of light & love,

endless possibilities,

harmony between every creature,

call it – a return to consciousness.

it’s a place where time doesn’t exist

all that exists is the now.

humans understand this place, to some extent

they often label it as


the world is already heaven

one doesn’t have to die to get there,

one can simply wake up

and realize,

that they’ve been in heaven all along.


Thoughts? Comment them down below! 🙂

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this message is for you


the world needs YOU right now.

you are perfect as you are.

you are capable of so much.

you are so important to this earth.

you will now stop getting in your way-

nothing is in your way from now on.

the stars are looking at you,

waiting to see what you’ll do.

they admire us,

from a far.

and we do the same.


to admire yourself-

and that everyone else

is a reflection of your inner world.

you are beautiful.

you know the next step to take.

take it now- with confidence.



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