I Want to Inspire, but I Don’t Know How


what is it

that the world wants to hear

that the world needs to hear?

do we even need more messages?

we see

thousands of ads grabbing our attention


maybe we need more silence

the secret is

the silence is always there

the stillness is in each of us

deep down

but don’t get me wrong

it’s not just stillness

it’s everything we have ever wanted to know

about ourselves,

about where we come from

and where we are going.


A Quote for Your Saturday Night


“And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

Erica Jang


I can’t express how much I love this quote.

It has inspired me to give things my all, and not hold back out of fear of failure. It has picked me up off of the ground when I was lost and didn’t know where to go. It has allowed me to forgive myself for making mistakes.

It has taught me to fight for myself, even when I feel powerless.

Full Moon Challenge


Sooo yes there’s this full moon thing happening tonight.

As a physics major, I can tell you that a full moon does in fact put out more energy. It reflects the maximum amount of photons, which carry energy with them and yada yada more science stuff. This is why I believe in the power of the planets and stars but I can make a whole blog post about that.

Whether you’re into spiritual rituals or not at all, I challenge you to sit with yourself tonight. If not tonight, then sometime in the next couple of days. Sit with yourself, just for 5 minutes- don’t do ANYTHING.

It may be uncomfortable at first, I mean we’re so used to keeping ourselves either busy, distracted, or entertained. But I promise, this can be eye-opening.

How’s your life been recently? Your mental health? How are your relationships?

No need to find a solution to these questions. Just have them in mind, and let them be.

Let yourself be, for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, maybe even 30 minutes. I challenge you.



it’s like finding a song

where each note, each chord

resonates with every cell in your body

it’s like seeing colors for the first time

as if they were black and white your whole life

and it’s also

like a stormy sea

aggressively protecting itself

huge waves crashing on shore

trying to sabotage your journey

you have been here before

and it didn’t go so well last time

you drowned

but this time

you know how to swim

and this time

you’re aware

that you are the ocean

Documenting Life


we can blame technology

we can also blame ourselves

but here’s the thing,

we document life with or without technology

our eyes capture,

our brains remember,

we’re still living our lives

it’s just different

and soon

it will change again